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             The Bussmann brand continues to reflect a long-standing tradition of providing fusible circuit protection and electrical safety solutions that protect equipment and enable reliable, efficient power distribution.

             When you bring together the industry’s top innovator in fuse technology with unmatched expertise in circuit breakers you get leadership in circuit protection. Eaton’s heritage in circuit breaker development coupled with the number one Bussmann brand in fuses,means the choice is no longer fuse or breaker. Its fuse and breaker.

系列:DMM-B系列,快速熔断器 (美国Fluke仪表、美国Agilent仪表、美国Radian电能表) 尺寸:10 x 35 mm 电压额定值:1000Volts 电流额定值:— DMM-B-11-R ( 11Amp ) — DMM-B-44/100-R ( 0.44Amp ) 类型:Fast Acting 分断额定值:20 KA 认证:UL Recognized 1000 VDC
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DMM-B 13⁄32˝ x 1-3/8˝ and 1-1/2” 1000Vac/dc fast-acting fuses for multi-meters


Catalog symbol / color code:


• Maroon (1000Vac/dc max voltage)



Fast-acting supplemental fuse for multi-meters only.

Intended to carry 100% of rated current indefinitely.

Not intended for branch circuit protection



1000 Volts AC/DC

* DMM-B-44/100 – 10kA, 1000Vac, unity power factor and 0kA, 1000Vdc with time constant of 2.2ms. Minimum nterrupt 400% of rated current at rated voltage.

DMM-B-11A – 20kA, 1000Vac, power factor ≤0.2; 20kA, 000Vdc, time constant ≥10ms.


Agency information

• CE

• UL Recognized 1000Vdc, File E19180)

• RoHS compliant


Temperature specifications

• DMM-B-44/100 - Maximum temperature 28°C n 22°C ambient temperature when carrying 00% of rated current.

• DMM-B-11A - Maximum temperature 69°C in  22°C ambient temperature when carrying 00% of rated current.


Catalog Symbol and Current Ratings

                          1000 VAC/VDC

    DMM-B-44/100 -R      

      DMM-B-11 -R          



• Color coded for 1000Vac/dc maximum oltage rating

• Melamine tube construction

• Nickel-plated endcaps ypical applications

• Multi-meters

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